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Dr Ross Tucker: Understanding performance
Dr Tucker explains how a understanding what limits performance can help an athlete achieve their best
Dr Ross Tucker: 'What makes an olympic champion?'
Dr Tucker assesses the role of genetics, training and the validity of the ‘10,000 hour’ concept
Sudden cardiac in athletes
Sanjay Sharma (professor at the CRY Inherited Cardiac Diseases and Sports Cardiology Unit, St Georges Hospital) speaks about sudden cardiac death in athletes
Groin injuries, with Per Holmich
Per Holmich, Head of the Arthroscopic Centre at Amager University Hospital, has been working for many years on overuse problems especially hamstring, groin and hip problems focusing on exercise treatment and hip arthroscopy. In this podcast he talks to Karim Khan about groin injuries, what to watch out for in diagnosis, and how to treat
Stopping the spread of disease at the Olympics
Harriet Vickers talks to Brian McCloskey, the Health Protection Agency’s national Olympics and Paralympics lead, about how infectious diseases will be monitored and controlled during the games, and ensuring the knowledge and structures developed are captured.
Testing athletes, and banning those who take drugs, is unjustifiable
Richard Hurley finds out why Sam Shuster, emeritus professor of dermatology at the University of Newcastle, thinks drug testing for athletes is illogical and immoral (9.37)
23.5 hours to change behaviour
Joining Karim Khan, BJSM editor, and Domhnall McAuley, BMJ primary care editor, is Mike Evans, associate professor of family medicine at the University of Toronto and founder of the Health Design Lab
Evolved to run
This week's podcast is from UKSEM, the big sports and exercise medicine conference in London. Daniel Lieberman, an evolutionary biologist from Harvard, explains how we have evolved to run.
Sport, suicide and CME
What is the association between IQ and attempted suicide? David Batty talks to us about his research in Sweden
Legacy of the games
This week we're looking at the legacy of large sports events - with the 2012 Olympic games costing £9bn, and that cost being justified by saying how great an impact the games will have on the health of the nation
The International Olympic Committee with Lars Engebretsen
In another podcast recorded at the UKSEM conference held in London in November, Karim Khan (BJSM editor) talks to Lars Engebretsen (head of science and research for the International Olympic Committee)