Management of chronic Achilles tendinopathy
The tendinous portion of the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles merge to form the Achilles tendon, which is the largest and strongest in the body, but one of the most frequently injured.  Here we assess the management options for patients with chronic Achilles tendinopathy
Diagnosis and management of bone stress injuries of the lower limb in athletes
Stress fractures occur mostly in track and distance runners, athletes who take part in field sports, gymnasts, dancers, and military recruits
Tennis Elbow
Tennis elbow is a tendinopathy of the common extensor origin of the lateral elbow. Cortisone injections are harmful in the longer term and are no longer recommended in most cases
Exercise-associated collapse: an evidence-based review and primer for clinicians
Endurance sports are increasingly popular with over 500 000 participants in marathon running events in 2010.
Adductor injury in sport - in association with the BJSM
Acute lateral ankle ligament injuries - in association with the BJSM
Chronic pain in the Achilles region - in association with the BJSM
Prescribing exercise