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Global Child Health

The monthly Global Health Section of ADC aims to heighten awareness in readers to factors affecting children's health worldwide in the broadest context. Recognising that health advances cannot be made in purely vertical systems, it reaches beyond the traditional disease specific approach to controversial areas as diverse as medical politics; children's rights; health programmes and disability. Beyond the monthly article, ADC now actively seeks editorials to enhance original research papers of Global Health significance. 

Read the following papers free online until the end of December 2013.

Neonatal hearing screening and intervention in resource-limited settings: an overview
Bolajoko O Olusanya

Child abuse and its legislation: the global picture
Michelle Cutland

Children travelling for treatment: what we don't know
Lorraine Culley, Nicky Hudson, Kylie Baldwin, Monica Lakhanpaul

Rational prescribing in paediatrics in a resource-limited setting
Rachel Risk, Hamish Naismith, Alexander Burnett, Sophie E Moore, Mamady Cham, Stefan Unger

School-based physical activity programme in preadolescent girls (9–11 years): a feasibility trial in Karachi, Pakistan
Aysha Almas, Muhammad Islam, Tazeen H Jafar

These papers from ADC are also on Global Health.

Realities of paediatric pharmacotherapy in the developing world
Kalle Hoppu,Shalini Sri Ranganathan, Alex N O Dodoo

Improving access to care for children with mental disorders: a global perspective
Vikram Patel, Christian Kieling, Pallab K Maulik, Gauri Divan

The cost effectiveness of treating paediatric cancer in low-income and middle-income countries: a case-study approach using acute lymphocytic leukaemia in Brazil and Burkitt lymphoma in Malaw
Nickhill Bhakta, Alexandra L C Martiniuk, Sumit Gupta, Scott C Howard

Chronic effects of ambient air pollution (in Hong Kong)
Yang Gao, Emily Y Y Chan, Li Ping Li, Qi Qiang He, Tze Wai Wong

Geographical disparities of infant mortality in rural China
Yanping Wang, Jun Zhu, Chunhua He, Xiaohong Li, Lei Miao, Juan Liang


Brain drain in sub-Saharan Africa: contributing factors, potential remedies and the role of academic medical centres
Jennifer Kasper, Francis Bajunirwe

Dengue viral infection in children: a perspective
S Balasubramanian, Bala Ramachandran, Sumanth Amperayani

Community-acquired neonatal and infant sepsis in developing countries: efficacy of WHO's currently recommended antibiotics—systematic review and meta-analysis
Lilian Downie, Raffaela Armiento, Rami Subhi et al

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Metabolic abnormalities and body composition of HIV-infected children on Lopinavir or Nevirapine-based antiretroviral therapy
Stephen Arpadi, Stephanie Shiau, Renate Strehlau et al

Screening for abuse and mental health problems among illiterate runaway adolescents in an Indian metropolis
Deepti Pagare Bhat, Meghachandra Singh, Gajendra Singh Meena