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BMJ Journals

Our journals program reflects our dedication to partnering with the healthcare community to enhance patient care and quality of life. Our journals reflect a common set of values and goals which is to contribute to a healthy community. We publish in a range of specialties and have over 40 journals in our portfolio.

BMJ Publishing Group Ltd

BMJ Publishing Group Ltd. helps clinicians improve patient health and outcomes with a range of products and services.

We publish the British Medical Journal, a collection of specialist journals and a growing number of online and event products for the healthcare profession.

Our services deliver a comprehensive series of delegate events, from annual conferences to regular Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Professional Development training workshops. We also offer rights and licensing, and targeted advertising and sponsorship opportunities for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, recruiters, and the general medical community.

As one of the world's best known and respected medical information providers, we have gained our reputation for delivering the latest research and medical information for over 170 years.

The BMJ Group is a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Medical Association. Established in 1840 with the publication of the first edition of the BMJ, it is now a fully commercial organisation with around 400 staff based around the world.